What is BlackSwap

BLACKSWAP is a TRC10 based Asset and a Tron Based Ecosystem itself .

BLACK SWAP Will be Used in our own EcoSystem ,Pepship and in Many other E-commerce Marketplaces .

BLACK SWAP will have a staking feature too where it's users will get 1% Increase on Their Total Portfolio . This will allow users to get passive income and will stabilize the price of BlackSwap .

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Our Aim

Our Black swap Mission

Our Aim is to Create a Payment Ecosystem with the Lowest Fees And Fast Transfers . Which is only possible on Tron blockchain . So BlackSwap will be the future of payment system .

Black Swap Uses the Features of Tron and Utilities with Features of Tezos + Bitcoin and other POS and POW Coins Making itself a All in One Blockchain.Which Helps Stabilise the Price and Reward the Holders .

While Users can use our Platform to Mine too like as they can do on a POW cloud Mining . You can call Black Swap a Hybrid Blockchain Token .


Staking Platform

BLACK SWAPis a Stakable Utility Token Though it has a Staking feature to get interest on theBlackSwap token user holds.Staking provides 2% daily interest

Main Features

Product Description

BLACK SWAPaims to be a all in one Blockchain by Providing fast feeless Payment System and with Providing Staking and Mining features .

Free But Fast

BLACKSWAP Tranfers Need Bandwith which is Free and 25,000 TPS Provides Free and Super Fast Transfers .

Feeless Trade

Decentralised exchange support on Tron blockchain . Enables super fast feeless Trading.


BLACK SWAPHas a Staking platform that enables Users to Get passive income on Their Tokens


BLACK SWAP token can be Mined too with our Specialized Mining Software . Users can Buy Hash powers with TRX,ETH,BTC,XRP,DOGE,LTC etc.


BLACKSWAP is Fully Decentralised and doesn't Base on one User.


Token Ticker: BLS
Token Standard: TRC10 /Tron platform
Decimal 6
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 21,00,000,000
Presale Yet to be announced soon

BLACKSWAP Allocation

Stacking and Mining 5%
Airdrop 5%
ICO and IEO 20%
Team Fund 10%
Lock 0%
Seed Investors 10%
Development 15%

Company Roadmap


Project BLACK SWAP Start


Team Created , Funds collected


Token Minted , partnerships Made


Airdrop start , PRE-SALE start


Staking platform launch

Listed Exchanges

Flame Exchange

Ask Anything

Frequently Asked Questions

• BlackSwap is a TRC10 based asset and a Tron based ecosystem itself .
What will the price of Tron BLACKSWAP ?
BLACKSWAPICO price will be 0.05TRXand it may Reach 0.001$ - 0.01$ in IEO and next phases .
What is the work of BlackSwap ?
BLACKSWAP will be used in our own ecosystem ,pepship and in many other E-commerce marketplaces . BLACKSWAP will have astaking feature too where it's users will get 1% Increase on theirtotal portfolio . This will allow users to get passive income and will stabilize the price of BLACKSWAP
What is the supply of BLACKSWAP token ?
BlackSwap has a Maximum supply of 21,000,000 tokens .So there will be only BlackSwap in total Existence.
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